The Prometeus’ Seminar is a meeting organised by the Lab of Functional Neuroanatomy  (NeuroFun, research group 278 at UJI; PROMETEO2016/076) at the Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) and the Red Olfativa Española (ROE, Spanish Network for studies on Olfaction), of which the NeuroFun researchers are members. This Prometeus’ Seminar constitutes the Second Topic Series on Olfaction, an event devoted to promoting discussion on a subject related to olfaction and vomeronasal sensing.


Research Topics

This conference focuses on the common interests of both institutions. On the one hand we aim at attracting scientists interested in the neural basis of social behaviours. Given the preeminent role of chemical senses in the control of these behaviours in most experimental animals (e.g. rodents) this constitutes an opportunity for discussion for scientists interested in olfaction and vomeronasal sensing.

In addition, there is growing evidence indicating that altered chemosensing can be related to several pathologies. For instance, it is quite established that neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson (PD) or Alzheimer (AD) course with hiposmia or anosmia, which is currently considered a “pre-clinical” symptom of the disease and can be, therefore, used for early diagnosis, thus allowing more effective therapies. In addition, it is not established yet whether neurological-psychiatric disorders characterised by deeply altered social behaviours (autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia) might involve changes in chemosensing. The use of animal models of these disorders might contribute to clarifying this issue and, in doing so, to further understanding these disorders.  

The meeting

The Prometeus’ Seminar/ROE Research Topic will take place in Castellón (Spain) in October 19-20th 2017. It constitutes an international discussion forum for scientists and clinicians, as well as undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.

Communications to the meeting will be structured in sessions of oral presentations and poster sessions. The participation of young neuroscientists and pre-doctoral students is encouraged by the availability of an inexpensive student registration fee.

Registration fees include attendance to the conferences, coffee breaks and documents. A social dinner will be organised in October 19th on demand. Make sure to sign up to attend the dinner.